Schiavone(e) Family

If you’re looking for stories about the Schiavon or the Schiavone families, you can find them here.

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Others listed on this page include the Mattarocchia and Scicchitani families.

Ralph Schiavon – Part One:  Auspicious Beginnings

Ralph Schiavon – Part Two:  Young Immigrant in a New World

Ralph Schiavon – Part Three:  Halcyon Days

Ralph Schiavon – Part Four:  Twilight

Sentimental Sunday:  “Do Not Give In”  Part Two

My Wonderful Mother

Sentimental Sunday:  Not Just Another Name on the Family Tree

Amamuensis Monday:  “This is the Wish of Their Mother”

Born Going Up in the World

Thankful Thursday:   From the Angels in Heaven

Wordless Wednesday:  Joan and Tom Schiavon

Treasure Chest Thursday:  Early Memories

Remembering Elizabeth and Mary Jane Gaffney

Summers in the Wilds of Michigan

Little Blonde Joan Lost in the Woods

Sentimental Sunday:  If You Try Hard Enough, You Can Do Anything

Motivation Monday:  How Could I Compete with a Genius?

Talented Tuesday:  A Knack for Mischief

Wisdom Wednesday:  The Spanking that Never Was

Thankful Thursday:  Simple Pastimes of Times Past

Looking Back:   The Schiavons in the 1930 Census

Wordless Wednesday:  Joan Schiavon at Dixon School

Mappy Monday:  The Schiavons and the McCormicks in the 1940 Census

Wisdom Wednesday:  Wise and Loving Matriarch

Matrilineal Monday:  Arise, Ye Faithful Aquinites

Wedding Wednesday:  Tom and Angie Schiavon

Wisdom Wednesday:  Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Matrilineal Monday:  College Girl

Talented Tuesday:  Our Chinese “Auntie”

Those Places Thursday:   Reluctant Traveler

Matrilineal Monday:  Falling in Love with Europe

Travel Tuesday:  Homeward Bound on the Queen Elizabeth

Workday Wednesday:  Going Into the Antiques Business

Treasure Chest Thursday:  The Lady Plate

Thankful Thursday:  A Priceless Find

Once More Around the Block

Sentimental Sunday:  Popping the Question

Amanuensis Monday:  “When We Two Are One”

Wedding Wednesday:  Gilbert and Joan (Schiavon) Huesca

Treasure Chest Thursday:  We Were Married Today

Wedding Wednesday:  A Message from Mother and Dad

Treasure Chest Thursday: Baby Announcement

Sentimental Sunday:  Meeting the Family

Family Recipe Friday:  My Mother’s Bread Pudding

Shopping Saturday:  Adventures in Spanish

Sentimental Sunday:  Life on South Luella Avenue

Madness Monday:  Cold War Mania

Traveling Tuesday:  South of the Border Bound

Those Places Thursday:  Abuelita’s World

Wishful Wednesday:  Did She Find Happiness?

Motivation Monday:  Whatever You Do in this Life Will Come Back to You

Wisdom Wednesday:  Crossroads

Daily Life in 1960s Mexico City

Traveling Tuesday:  California, Here We Come

Finding a Home, Building a Legacy

The Astor Fire, Part 1:  The Gift of Life

The Astor Fire, Part 2:  Explosions

The Astor Fire, Part 3:  In God’s Hands

The Astor Fire, Part 4:  Angels in Asbestos Garb

The Astor Fire, Part 5:  A Firefighter’s Ability to Love

The Astor Fire, Part 6:  Aftermath

The Astor Fire, Part 7:  Epilogue: I Will Remember

Wisdom Wednesday:  Life’s Lessons, Part 2 – The Defining Moments

Sentimental Sunday:  To the Mothers in Our Lives

Treasure Chest Thursday:  The Walk Home

The Day JFK was Shot

Not So Wordless Wednesday:  It’s All Relative

Travel Tuesday:  The Exotic and the Mundane in Mexico City

Sentimental Sunday:  Letters, Light, and Love

Friday’s Faces from the Past:  Pictures on a Golden Day

Happy Birthday, Mamma!

He Gave not Some, but All

Sentimental Sunday:  To the Mothers in Our Lives

Echoes of Our Ancestors