Baron Family

If you’re looking for stories about the Baron family, you’ll find them here:

About Joseph Edouard (also known as Eduard) Baron:

The Carpenter of Mission San Jose – a ten-part series

Part 1: More Than Meets the Eye

Part 2: Clues on the Ancestry Trail

Part 3: A Hard Offer to Refuse

Part 4: Days of Romance and Bliss

Part 5: Words of Caution

Part 6: Answering to God and Man

Part 7: Trouble at Mission San Jose

Part 8: “The Debts are Higher than We Thought”

Part 9: Desperate Measures

Part 10: A Church and Faith Restored

Other stories about the Baron family:

Journey of Love: The Legacy of Eduard and Concepción Baron (two parts)

Part 1: A Couple on the Move

Part 2: A New Chapter in Arizona

Sentimental Sunday: To the Mothers in Our Lives

That Pioneer Spirit