Index of Persons

The list below contains the names of those who have appeared on this site. (Note: not all are relations or ancestors.)

To meet them and read their stories, you can either (1) perform a search of the person’s name in the Search” bar to the right of this page, or (2) go to the sidebar on the right and click on their name under “Family Names.” Happy reading!

Amaro, Maria
Audrain, Jules (possibly a relation)
Baron, Adela
Baron, Adolfo
Baron, Joseph Edouard (also known as Eduard)
Baron, Eduardo
Baron, José Manuel
Baron, Teresa
Bennett, Maria Dolores (see Perrotin, Maria Dolores)
Bennett, Timothy
Beyerle, Gloria (née Murphy) (not a relation or ancestor)
Bruton, Rose Marie
Capone, Al (not a relation or ancestor)
Carlow, Alice
Carpintero, María Antonia Gertrudis
Celaya, Concepción  (last name also spelled Selalla)
Celaya, Diego
Celaya, María Fermina
Cherry, James W.
Cherry, James R.
Cherry, John Terrence
Cherry, Kathleen
Cherry, Thomas Charles
Ciliberto, Angelina
Coates, John (not a relation or ancestor)
Coates, Mary (not a relation or ancestor)
Cronican, Katharine
Doyle, Dr. Thomas (not a relation or ancestor)
Fay, Adela
Fay, Ambrose
Fay, Daniel
Fay, Dorothy
Fay, Joseph
Fay, Katherine
Fay, Monica
Fay, Patricia Ann
Fay, Sara Ellen (see Riney, Sarah Ellen)
Fisher, Jennifer
Francis, Sister Rose, O.P. (not a relation or ancestor)
Frick, Joseph E.
Gaffney, Agnes
Gaffney, Agnes Evelyn
Gaffney, Alice
Gaffney, Clara
Gaffney, Delia “Di”
Gaffney, Edward/Edwin
Gaffney, Elizabeth “Lizzie”
Gaffney, Elizabeth “Lyle”
Gaffney, Frances “Frank”
Gaffney, James
Gaffney, John Francis
Gaffney, John Patrick
Gaffney, Margaret “Maggie”
Gaffney, Mary
Gaffney, Mary Jane
Gaffney, Thomas Charles
Gómez, Rena
Goss, Nancy
Estrada Family (not relations or ancestors)
Formento, Mercedes “Meche”
Hannan, Annie (not a relation or ancestor)
Hernandez, Sister Mary, P.B.V.M. (not a relation or ancestor)
Huesca, Calletano
Huesca, Carlos
Huesca, Cayetano
Huesca, Charles
Huesca, Delia Domitila
Huesca, Eduardo “Lalo”
Huesca, Enrique, Jr.
Huesca, Enrique, Sr.
Huesca, Francisco
Huesca, Gilbert
Huesca, Gilberto
Huesca, Gilbert Cayetano (see Huesca, Gilbert)
Huesca, Joan (see Schiavon, Joan)
Huesca, José Cayetano de la Trinidad
Huesca, José Enrique Florentino
Huesca, José Gil Alberto Cayetano
Huesca, Linda
Huesca, Luz María
Huesca, Mariano Pantaleón
Huesca, Mario
Hurley, Susanne
Johnson, Ernest F.W.
Kangas, Aune
Kangas, Juho
Kangas, John Jussi
Kangas, Matt Oskar
Kangas, Pellervo
Kangas, Selma
Kelly, Margaret
Labardini, Dr. Rafael (not a relation or ancestor)
Lawton, Fern (not a relation or ancestor)
Mattarocchia, John Francis, Jr.
Mattarocchia, John Francis, Sr.
McCormick, Benita Jane “Jane”
McCormick, Philip Columbus
McCormick, Philip Eugene “Bud” or “Buddy”
McGinnis, Alice
McGinnis, Benita Elizabeth
McGinnis, Francis Eugene
McGinnis, Jack (see McGinnis, John Jr.)
McGinnis, John
McGinnis, John “Jack Jr.
McGinnis, Mary Jane Gaffney (see Gaffney, Mary Jane)
McGinnis, Thomas Eugene
McGinnis, William
Merlo, Maria de la Luz
Meek, Cecilia Dorothy
Mucha, Alphonse (not a relation or ancestor)
Murray, Donald
Murray, Jennifer (see Fisher, Jennifer)
O’Grady, Catherine
O’Keeffe, Georgia (not a relation or ancestor)
Olson, Suzanne
Organ, Edgar Joseph (not a relation or ancestor)
Organ, Elizabeth Maria (see Woodward, Elizabeth Maria)
Organ, Elizabeth (not a relation or ancestor)
Parkhurst, Anita (not a relation or ancestor)
Perrotin, Blanca Luz
Perrotin, Catalina (see Perrotin, Maria Angela Catalina)
Perrotin, Catherine (see O’Grady, Catherine)
Perrotin, Charles Jacques Francois
Perrotin, Francisco
Perrotin, Hugo
Perrotin, Juan
Perrotin, Maria Angela Catalina
Quinn, Ann
Quinn, Terrence
Rascón, María Rita
Riney, Sarah Ellen
Robertson, Ruth
Rodríguez, Benito
Rodríguez, María Josefa
Ruuspakka, Susanna
Sannella, Emanuela
Savage, Edward Michael (not a relation or ancestor)
Savage, James Francis (not a relation or ancestor)
Savage, Jeremiah (not a relation or ancestor)
Savage, John Joseph (not a relation or ancestor)
Savage, Mary (not a relation or ancestor)
Savage, Mary T. (not a relation or ancestor)
Scicchitani, Marinella Evelyn
Schiavon, Alice (see McGinnis, Alice)
Schiavon, Angelina (see Ciliberto, Angelina)
Schiavon, Joan Joyce
Schiavon, Ralph
Schiavon, Ralph Thomas “Tom”
Schiavone, Anthony
Schiavone, Leo
Schiavone, Maria Filomena
Schiavone, Pasquale
Schiavone, Raffaele (see Schiavon, Ralph)
Schiavone, Vito
Scicchitani, Tommaso
Shanahan, William (not a relation or ancestor)
Stephens, Dorothy (see Meek, Cecilia Dorothy)
Stephens, Peter
Stephens, Robert
Sullivan, Annie (not a relation or ancestor)
Terrill, Nathaniel Ellery
Terrill, Cora Alice
Terrill, Nora
Tinney, Mary
Tully, Arthur
Tully, “Bing” (see Tully, Welner C.)
Tully, Charles
Tully, Charles Hoppin
Tully, Erin
Tully, Kathleen
Tully, Kevin
Tully, Michael
Tully, Patricia Ann (see Fay, Patricia Ann)
Tully, Welner Clayton
Tully, Vivian
Velázquez, María Belén
Waples, Fern (see Lawton, Fern)
Waples, Frank (not a relation or ancestor)
Wieland, Suzanne (see Olson, Suzanne)
Woodward, Elizabeth Maria (not a relation or ancestor)
Yu, Margaret (not a relation or ancestor)