Wisdom Wednesday: Good Things Come to Those who Wait

Joan Joyce Schiavon (1928 – 1987)
Gilbert Cayetano Huesca (1915 – 2009)                                  

My mother,
Joan Joyce Schiavon, about 1947

1947 was a time of joy and excitement for the Schiavon family of Chicago, Illinois, as they anticipated the wedding that would join Ralph Thomas “Tom” Schiavon and Angelina “Angie” Ciliberto.  
My mother, Joan Schiavon, having just graduated from Aquinas Dominican High School the year before, was proud to be a member of the wedding party for her brother and surely wondered when her own turn at the altar would come. 
My father,
Gilbert Cayetano Huesca, about 1947

Little did she or her family know that during that same year, the young man who would years later sweep her off her feet and become her own Prince Charming – and my father – was being admitted to the United States at Laredo, Texas, and was on his way to Chicago.

They would not meet for another eight years.

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