McGinnis Family

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Family Dinner - McGinnis
The Thomas and Mary Jane McGinnis Family: from left to right, John, Mary Jane, Alice (McGinnis) Schiavon; Thomas McGinnis; Edith (Hoag) McGinnis; Eileen Sullivan; and Benita (McGinnis) McCormick; at the family home in Chicago, Illinois, early 1920s.


Wisdom Wednesday:  Scrapbook of a Lifetime

Thankful Thursday:   A Daughter Remembers

Those Places Thursday:  Gaffney House, Conneaut, Ohio

Sibling Saturday:  The Gaffney Sisters of Conneaut, Ohio

Sentimental Sunday:  A Token of Their Love

Wedding Wednesday:  Thomas and Mary Jane (Gaffney) McGinnis

Talented Tuesday:  Domestic Goddess

Wisdom Wednesday:  Wise and Loving Matriarch

Funeral Card Friday:  Mary Jane (Gaffney) McGinnis

Amanuensis Monday:  A Grand Aunt

Thankful Thursday:  The Wonders of Modern Medicine

Talented Tuesday:  The Great Gene Sheebo

Wishful Wednesday:   A Father and Daughter’s Hopes and Dreams

Encounters with a Legend

Friday’s Faces from the Past:  Keeping the Lion Warm on a Winter Day

Not Standing in the Shadows

Lighthearted Days at the Art Institute of Chicago

Motivation Monday:  Studying Under the Master of Art Nouveau

Talented Tuesday:  Much Ado about Benita, Part 1

Not So Wordless Wednesday:  Much Ado about Benita, Part 2

Friday’s Faces from the Past:  The Photographers

Sentimental Sunday:  A Blessed Christmas to You

Traveling Tuesday:  Benita Goes to Europe

Almost Wordless Wednesday:  Benita in Paris

Sentimental Sunday:  She Had the Gift of Gab

Wisdom Wednesday:  The Perils of Unlabeled Photos

Those Places Thursday:  Pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick

Those Places Thursday:  A Brick Wall the Size of a Prison

Friday’s Faces from the Past:  More Irish Mystery Cousins

Travel Tuesday:  Benita at the Gap of Dunloe

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday:  Dear Uncle Pat

Sentimental Sunday:  The Man She Almost Married – Part One

Mystery Monday:  The Man She Almost Married – Part Two

Friday’s Faces from the Past:  The Man She Almost Married – Part Three

Sentimental Sunday:  Sunday Dinner

Talented Tuesday:  Doing Her Bit

Workday Wednesday:  Chief of the Censor Board of Chicago

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday:  Awkward Family Photo

Thankful Thursday:  “The One”

Sentimental Sunday:  Not About to Let Her Get Away

Traveling Tuesday:  Kegfully Yours

Treasure Chest Thursday:  Sharing a Gift from the Railroad

Family Recipe Friday:  (Old-Fashioned) Salad Dressing

Matrilineal Monday:  Two Little Bundles of Love

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday:  It’s All Relative

Travel Tuesday:  Vacationing in Mexico, 1937

Wordless Wednesday:  Postcards from Mexico, Part 1

Those Places Thursday:  Postcards from Mexico, Part 2:  Taxco

Those Places Thursday:  Postcards from Mexico, Part 3:  The Artistry of Taxco

Travel Tuesday:  Postcards from Mexico, Part 4:  Tracing Phil and Benita’s Footsteps through Mexico

Friday’s Faces from the Past:  Meeting John and Mary Coates

Those Places Thursday:  Postcards from Mexico, Part 5:  The Floating Gardens of Xochimilco

Mappy Monday:  The Schiavons and the McCormicks in the 1940 Census

Friday: Faces from the Past:  McGinnis Family Portrait

Treasure Chest Thursday:  There Was an App for That

Amanuensis Monday:  “They Liked it Immensely”

Thankful Thursday:  A Passion for Creating

Wisdom Wednesday:  Young for Such a Little While

Talented Tuesday:  Lady in Winter

Sentimental Sunday:  Loving and Letting Go

Travel Tuesday:  Rebirth in the Land of Mañana

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday:  Visiting El Greco Museum

Treasure Chest Thursday:   We’ll Always Have Barcelona

Sentimental Sunday:  Keeping the Lord Company in the Dark

Travel Tuesday:  The Exotic and the Mundane in Mexico City

Amanuensis Monday:  Portrait of a Woman

Friday Funny:  The Writing on Her Wall

Sentimental Sunday:  Golden Years of Life and Love

Sentimental Sunday:  Letters, Light, and Love

Friday’s Faces from the Past:  Pictures of a Golden Day

Alice Gaffney (McGinnis) Schiavon

Amanuensis Monday:  “This is the Wish of Their Mother”

Born Going Up in the World

Thankful Thursday:  From the Angels in Heaven

Summers in the Wilds of Michigan

Little Blonde Joan Lost in the Woods