Sentimental Sunday: Sailing New Worlds Together

Benita (McGinnis) McCormick (1889 – 1984) Phillip Columbus McCormick  (1892 – 1981)   Not until the early 1980s did time finally begin to catch up with the couple who had deftly evaded its reach their whole lives.   Benita (McGinnis) McCormick gazes lovingly at an oil portrait by  artist Mary Rowley of her husband, Philip McCormick, on their 50th wedding anniversary, at their San … Continue reading "Sentimental Sunday: Sailing New Worlds Together"

Amanuensis Monday: Portrait of a Woman

  Benita (McGinnis) McCormick (1889 – 1984) A local Bay Area feature story from the mid- 1970s depicts Benita (McGinnis) McCormick  with mementos from her travels. Clipping courtesy of Suzanne Olson Wieland. [Note:  Amanuensis is an ancient word meaning one who performs the function of writing down or transcribing the words of another.  Derived from the Latin root manu-  , meaning manual or hand, the … Continue reading "Amanuensis Monday: Portrait of a Woman"

Travel Tuesday: The Exotic and the Mundane in Mexico City

Benita (McGinnis) McCormick (1889 – 1984) Phillip Columbus McCormick (1892 – 1981) Gilbert Cayetano Huesca (1915 – 2009) Joan Joyce (Schiavon) Huesca (1928 – 1987) From the Many Branches, One Tree treasure chest, this 1966 photograph celebrates the spring visit of my great-uncle-and-aunt, Phil and Benita (McGinnis) McCormick, to Mexico City, where our family was living at the time. … Continue reading "Travel Tuesday: The Exotic and the Mundane in Mexico City"