It’s an Honor to Meet You…

(Originally published April 23, 2013, and updated June 1, 2018)

I am a proud member of Geneabloggers Tribe, and before that a member of its predecessor,  Geneabloggers, Thomas MacEntee’s web-based group of family history writers and genealogists.  It includes over 3,000 members – that’s 3,000 blogs –  from all over the world.  I joined in 2012 but have been fortunate enough to read hundreds of inspiring stories by some very talented people.

Thomas’ website was a rich repository for genealogy news, research and tech tips, writing prompts, and links to some of the best articles about genealogy you could read on the web.  One of the popular features on the site was called “May I Introduce to You…” written by fellow blogger Gini Webb of Ginisology.  Gini’s profiles on Geneabloggers were always a good read, like her blog.  Her interviews introduced me to fascinating new blogs, some of which I now follow regularly.

What a lovely surprise it was when Gini contacted me in 2013 to interview me for her series.  I am grateful to her and to Thomas for including me.

Although Thomas MacEntee discontinued Geneabloggers, in 2017, you can still find Gini Webb’s interview with me on the Internet Archive by clicking here and scrolling about halfway down the page. The (old) links will take you to my “old” blog, but the stories are on this site, too.

And if you’re a family history buff, blogger, or writer,  check out the second-generation version of Thomas’ website, now lovingly cared for and curated by a dedicated team of genealogy writers and bloggers, at  You’ll find some of the same features that were in Geneabloggers, such as family history content, writing prompts, and resources, and some new things, on a variety of platforms.  In fact, I have them to thank for figuring out how to find this interview again!

Copyright ©  2018  Linda Huesca Tully


3 Thoughts to “It’s an Honor to Meet You…

  1. You write compellingly and with great affection and I am always glad when I take the time to visit your blog. I missed some of the posts you mentioned in your "May I Introduce To You", so I'll have to go back and read them!

  2. I just have to leave another comment – the word verification for my comment was: rerAct ancestors. I don't know what we can read into rerAct, but the ancestors was loud and clear!

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