Sentimental Sunday: “…Wise unto Salvation”

Inscription in Bible by Catherine O’Grady Perrotin to her grandson, Edward Bennett, 1893 Cover of Bible given by my great-great-grandmother, Catherine (O’Grady) Perrotin to Edward Bennett, eldest child of María Dolores Perrotin and Timothy Bennett.  It has been passed down to my cousin, Dorothy (Meek) Stephens, daughter of Jane Bennett, Edward’s sister and the youngest child of Maria Dolores and Timothy Bennett.   … Continue reading "Sentimental Sunday: “…Wise unto Salvation”"

Marriage Record of Charles Jacques François Perrotin and Catherine O’Grady

26 January 1860 Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana This week marks the 152nd anniversary of the marriage between Charles Jacques François Perrotin and Catherine O’Grady (also known as Catherine Grady), on January 26, 1860, in Shreveport, Louisiana. Here is a copy of their Certificate of Marriage.  A transcription follows, along with a short background of a legendary … Continue reading "Marriage Record of Charles Jacques François Perrotin and Catherine O’Grady"

Calling W6RMQ . . .

Calling W6RMQ . . . We lost Dad (aka my father-in-law, Welner “Bing” Tully) three years ago today. He had been in hospital for about a week after his heart and kidneys failed, and he was on his way home when he died in the ambulance as it left O’Connor Hospital.   Dad was a … Continue reading "Calling W6RMQ . . ."

Patricia Ann Fay

        Patricia Ann Fay     Born: 12 July 1923, Stuart, Iowa  Died: 16 January 1997, San Jose, California  Faith, family, and charity were the recurring themes of Patricia Tully’s life. Born the youngest of eight children to Daniel Francis Fay and Sarah Ellen “Ella” Riney on July 12, 1927, in Stuart, … Continue reading "Patricia Ann Fay"