My Wonderful Mother

Joan Joyce Schiavon (1928 – 1987)   My mother, Joan Joyce Schiavon Age 26 Chicago, 1954   “So when are you going to write about my Grandmother?”    A few evenings ago, my son, Michael, asked the question I have avoided for far too long.   I told him I was trying to work toward … Continue reading "My Wonderful Mother"

Amanuensis Monday: A Grand Aunt

[Note:  Amanuensis is an ancient word meaning one who performs the function of writing down or transcribing the words of another.  Derived from the Latin root manu-  manual, or hand, the word also has been used as a synonym for secretary or scribe.]   Benita Elizabeth McGinnis (1889 – 1984) From my Grand Aunt Benita … Continue reading "Amanuensis Monday: A Grand Aunt"

1940s Radio Days

Welner “Bing” Tully – (1922 – 2007) This week, the Ambassador program has asked its “1940s Ambassadors” to write about technology, science, or transportation during the decade of the Greatest Generation. And when the 1940 United States Federal Census is released in a mere 18 days, one of the first people I will look … Continue reading "1940s Radio Days"