The Astor Fire, Part 2: Explosions

Joan (Schiavon) Huesca (1928 – 1987) Enrique Huesca (1909 – 2003) Mercedes (Formento) Huesca (1924 – 2004) Eduardo Huesca (1947 –  )   Introduction:  In the spring of 1978, my father, Gilbert Huesca, sent my mother, Joan Huesca, then 49, on a flight to Mexico City to visit his family while he stayed behind in California to tend … Continue reading "The Astor Fire, Part 2: Explosions"

Wisdom Wednesday: Crossroads

Gilbert Cayetano Huesca (1915 – 2009) Joan Joyce (Schiavon) Huesca (1928 – 1987) My parents, having decided that our family should leave the high altitude of Mexico City for the sake of my little sister’s health, now had a decision to make:  Where should we go? Flickr Creative Commons, Photo by Laenulfean We had been living … Continue reading "Wisdom Wednesday: Crossroads"

Madness Monday: Cold War Mania

  Bert the Turtle taught me and other children of the 1950s and 1960s how to protect ourselves in the event of a nuclear bomb.  1952, Creative Commons, originally published by the U.S. Government and Archer Productions. Though life on South Luella Avenue in the early 1960s was indeed full of innocence and bliss for the … Continue reading "Madness Monday: Cold War Mania"