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Yours truly comparing notes with Jacqi Stevens
When you write about family history, it’s nice to read the work of others.  It refreshes your perspective, gives you insights you might not have had, and exposes you to different writing styles. It’s even more fun when you can meet the writers behind the works. This past weekend brought one such treat – meeting fellow genealogist and writer Jacqi Stevens, of A Family Tapestry
Jacqi and her husband, Chris, were in town to research the Bean branch of their family. Well, maybe it would be more accurate to say this was one of their many stops up and down the Peninsula, as they hit some of the haunts family historians would consider “fun” places to go – historical societies, newspaper archives, and cemeteries. 
  Jacqi and Chris Stevens      
True to her blog’s name, she weaves together the various strands of her research, instincts, a keen sense of history, and the big picture as she tells the stories of her family. Not only does she let you in on  the fascinating details of their lives but shares her thought process and the resources she used to learn about them. She is a master story weaver and relentless detective who knows how to engage her readers through her warm, witty style and subtle sense of humor. Just when you think she has told the whole story, she comes up with one more surprising detail, one more hidden resource – or one more cliffhanger.  
Meeting Jacqi was as much fun as reading her posts.  We spent a delightful afternoon over coffee at a sidewalk cafe in downtown San Jose, comparing notes on research, writing, and families. I marveled at the fact that she has been able to post a blog article every day of the year. (I feel lucky if I can crank out a story or two a week!) We also discussed a certain family name we have in common, though at this point we have been unable to link our two branches. Still, you never know.
Even if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Jacqi, visit her blog.  You’ll learn a lot, and you’ll want to come back for more.

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4 Thoughts to “Follow Friday: Master Weaver

  1. I know the feeling, Betty! Writers do put bits of themselves into their stories, making us relate more to them. You do this so well, too – especially in your recent and very moving story about your husband.

    Take care and have a great weekend.

  2. Linda, I certainly treasured getting the chance to meet with you! I love the stories you've shared of your family, and it was wonderful getting to know you better. I think there's a real synergy when genealogy bloggers take those chances to get together–not just in the ether online, but in real life…and with real coffee makes it even better 😉

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